Urban Superway

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The Superway Project is a State Government initiative that coincides with the upgrading of the North and South road link through the city. This road project is the largest infrastructure upgrade in South Australian history. It involved building a raised road structure to create a direct route from the Salisbury Highway to South Road minimising road travel on this section by 7 minutes.
In 2011 – 2012, Dalkeith Plastics Pty Ltd were engaged to fabricate the drainage system and electrical conduit sleeves for the South Road Urban Superway Project. This involved welding 250 DN and 110 DN on-site in sections to be wired into the ‘Piers’ (upright structure that support the road). These cage structures were then lifted into position where the Dalkeith Team would line up the sections of pipe work and Electrofusion the pipe joints together. This was carried out in very limited space with no room for error.

The installation allowed the Dalkeith Team to lose weight. Climbing five stories each day to the work site on the ‘piers’ was a great workout. When a welder needed a specific tool it came down to ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to see who would climb back down to get the item.

Dalkeith Plastics Pty Ltd also supplied the specialised fittings required to complete the scope of works involving specific angled bends not supplied as standard fittings.