Peculiar Knob Mine

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In 2012, Dalkeith Plastics Pty Ltd were selected to build and install 4 km of 110 DN Pn 16 pipe line for the new processing plant at the Peculiar Knob mine. This involved trenching and laying duel water reticulation lines from the Desalination Plant to the Processing Plant.
The pipe supplied was in coils. The first step involved un-rolling the coils. This process required drilling a hole in one end of the pipe and fixing a D-shackle to a material sling then securing that to a fixed object, a metal dropper pegged in the ground. Then with a backhoe moving along slowly with the coil raised to allow it to unroll. This process allowed the sun to heat the pipe and maintain straightness. This allowed for an easier and more efficient welding process when welding in the trench. It also enabled the team to install the 100 metre lengths in the trench without the ends rolling up.
It was imperative to keep the two lines identified from beginning to end as one line was treated water and the other untreated water. This sounds easy but both were blue-line and intertwined regularly in the trench making the process quite a laborious task to check and then double check.
Once the pipe was installed, the Dalkeith team then cut and joined it into the main bore line using isolation valves to stop the flow. At the same time complete a road crossing without disruption the ore trucks dumping material. It was a co-ordinated process that required no mistakes from the civil operators to the welders completing the pipe works.
This work was completed in isolated conditions, 50 kms from main camp.
While on site, the mine management identified that some of the bore lines used to supply water to the mine were in need of repair and the Dalkeith team were requested to perform the work. These repairs were conducted under tight deadlines and without disruption to the flow of water to the mine which would have stopped production.