Adelaide Oval Re-development

Download project profile: Adelaide Oval Re-Development

The Adelaide Oval Re-development project was a State Government funded infrastructure upgrade that promoted the viewing of national cricket and football codes in the heart of the city. Dalkeith Plastics Pty Ltd were subcontracted by Hindmarsh Plumbing to complete the main Gas Inlet feed line into the service areas.
This project involved welding 250 DN and 160 DN PN 16 pipe. Each weld was logged and recorded in accordance with Dalkeith Plastics Pty Ltd Q.A. procedures. As construction was well underway for the building of structures, the Dalkeith team were constantly re-evaluating their JSEA requirements as site changes meant changes in the way the task was conducted. Co-ordinating with deliveries and other contractors was imperative when building 120 metre lengths of pipe to ensure we did not block or hinder the production of other contractors.

On all major construction sites constant communication through pre-start work meetings, tool-box meetings and production update meetings allows for problems to be identified and solutions created. The Dalkeith Team pride themselves on maintaining individual daily site logs to record any incidents and issues that may require further evaluation.
We are proud to say that we contributed successfully to this project that will be viewed around the world for years to come!