Over the years Dalkeith Plastics Pty Ltd has completed many jobs in the Agriculture/Aquaculture industries.

Dalkeith Plastics Pty Ltd has performed extensive work in regional grape growing districts like the Barossa Valley, Langhorne Creek and the South East Region.

Vineyard water infrastructure and water reticulation systems from on-site dams helped establish Dalkeith Plastics Pty Ltd reputation in the early years as a “value for money service with experience and knowledge”.

As the development of commercial fish and shell farming practises saw the introduction of the Aquaculture industry, Dalkeith Plastics Pty Ltd were there from the start to help achieve positive outcomes for this pioneering industry that now contributes significantly to South Australia’s export market.

We even service the service providers……. We consistently build “pylon sleeves” for the piling contractors that construct wharves and jetties for the aquaculture companies.

The tank suppliers who supply tanks to the industry, guess what…. we do the inlets/outlets and pipe work as well.

Here are some projects we have completed:

Langhorne Creek Water Company SA
Dairy Irrigation Project SA
Island Abalone Pty Ltd

Bajool Pump Discharge

Bajool. Qld.

Download project portfolio: Bajool Pump Discharge In 2012, Dalkeith Plastics Pty Ltd constructed the Bajool Pump Discharge line in Bajool,… 

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